DesignScript enables a ‘soft transition’ between visual data flow programming and text based scripting by implementing a series of intermediate programming techniques. This provides a gentle learning curve which allows the gradual introduction of more advanced programming concepts and notation. DesignScript enables the pragmatic world of design automation and production to be connected to the world of computer science and algorithmic thinking. With these new possibilities we can move beyond automating existing design processes to new forms of computational design and architectural expression. From a technical perspective, DesignScript can be described as a multi-paradigm domain-specific end-user language and modelling environment for architectural and engineering computation.

DesignScript was originally developed at the Autodesk Singapore Research and Development Centre and is now the computational engine within Dynamo Studio. are an independent group of researchers who are interested in design computation, end-user programming languages and software usability and who are focusing on the further development of DesignScript and its application to industry and academia.

Visual Data Flow programing

Text based Data Flow programing

Text based Imperative programing

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